Thinatin is a mistress of anti-hint affiliation. She idolized scrabble and she likes Jayvees anywhere about the interview. She is the most to share about her interviews from the host. Thinatin deserves to play a clean game.


Letter T Anti-Hint's counterpart! She idolized scrabble and she can't accept if someone uses Hint button for the reckless games.
~ Scrabble Profile on Thinatin


Thinatin defeats Kawayan with the score of 257 against 244, then defeats Inasmuch with the score of 273 against 268. And defeats Jovil with the score of 262 against 247 while the guest referee is Kawayan.

Kawayan record.
Res. Record Opponent Game Time Date Time PS OS Notes
Win 3-0 Jovil 12:00 2013-07-06 262 247 Stipulation for Kawayan tie match.
Win 2-0 Inasmuch 11:55 2013-07-04 273 268 The first dawn battle.
Win 1-0 Kawayan 11:00 2013-06-28 257 244 Scrabble Players debut.