Subaru lives in San Frans on 1980. Thirty years later he moved to Monkayo as the government officials starting now on July 1. When our Subaru was discovered he try to join us in that day but lost against Habeas that who will compete against Jayvees. His information doesn't revealed yet.


Letter S Subaru is red. Other's said that about him is the reddest man in Monkayo since his debut.
~ Scrabble Profile on Subaru


Subaru was defeated by Habeas in forteen minutes with the score of 248 against 289. He plays as the leader of Red versus Blue 2, he defeats the leader of blue team Kinglor, Me, You and even soul player Niagara too. Subaru defeats Habeas because of the administrater force him to loss the game.

Habeas record.
Res. Record Opponent Time Date PS OS Notes
Computer 2013-08-01 Promotional for Computer's Expert title.
Win 5-1 Habeas 15:05 2013-07-21 272 255 Rematch for Record, admin is involve too
Win 4-1 You 08:54 2013-07-12 Red versus Blue 2; Red team won
Win 3-1 Me 14:37 2013-07-12 Red versus Blue 2
Win 2-1 Niagara 13:53 2013-07-12 Red versus Blue 2
Win 1-1 Kinglor 14:55 2013-07-12 287 276 Red versus Blue 2; Play as Red leader
Loss 0-1 Habeas 14:00 2013-06-27 248 289 Scrabble Players debut.