Steve was born in Tagum City and was raised into a good boy for ten years. With the age of ten he lives with Jayvees became friends until now. He studied in Monkayo Central Elementary School. He also studied in Assumption Academy of Monkayo only in first year because for his parents decision which means his father wants his yonger brother to graduate on the said high school. Steve agreed his father's wishes so he must studied the high school he love is Monkayo National High School then he graduate with Arances. And graduates in MonCast for 2012. He works as the taxi driver later the youngest manager of taxi company in Davao City.


Letter S In this world I was born to be the greatest and I am the best in the world. Just joking that, but actually I was the great thinker in the world this year.
~ Scrabble Players on Steve


Steve was defeated by Jark with the score of 270 against 279 so that his story never edited.

Jark record.
Res. Record Opponent Time Date PS OS Notes
Loss 0-1 Jark 14:10 2013-07-07 270 279 Rival battle debut.