Segiyut is the latest member of Mante Group. He tells a reason to the losers that because you're always fucking. Means he judges you. No officially known all about his story because I am always fucking.


64px Do you know why?... Because... You're always fucking!!!

A thundering voice of a players who judges his opponent by making a lead or change play.

~ Scrabble Players on Segiyut


Segiyut is now the member of Red Company to make his first appearance in scrabble. He defeats Adunay for 329-266 and Sacostap for 263-203 but he was defeated by Ayvees for 340-373 making it the first game.

Segiyut was defeated again by Jayvees with the score of 215 against 253 for fifteen minutes and fifty-five seconds.

Segiyut record.
Res. Record Opponent Game Time Date PS OS Notes
Loss 2-2 Jayvees 2013-07-08 15:55 215 235 Scrabble Players
Loss 2-1 Ayvees RvB 1 14:00 340 373 Eliminated Player of Red versus Blue 1. It is being the best battle in the history of scrabble.
Win 2-0 Sacostap RvB 1 14:30 263 203
Win 1-0 Adunay RvB 1 15:39 329 266 Red versus Blue 1 debut as the Red Team