Nortis is a veteran player for three years playing scrabble game. He is the good friend of the Jayvees Group that he is the most trusted. He didn't show his power since high school and college. He is the hardworking student who need the course of psychologist and computer programmer. He must thinking to create a new scrabble game in the future.


64px A youngest mind master of Jayvees group with professionalism of Scrabble, Volleyball and Psychology.
~ Scrabble Profile on Nortis


Nortis defeats Albatross with the score of 333 against 263 in 21 minutes and 34 seconds.

Jayvees record.
Res. Record Opponent Game Time Date PS OS Notes
Win 1-0 Albatross 2013-06-27 21:34 333 263 Scrabble Players debut.