Kinglor is an inspiring player of scrabble that he defeats powerful players and likes the blue company. He is the official general manager of Bachelor Express Kinglong that making him reach into millions of pesos. A champion of Scrabble Tag Tournament on 2012. If he was retired or death, he had the son name Kinglor v2 to be succeeded.


Letter K The official general manager of Bachelor Express thirty years ago. If he retired this profile, his son will be the successor for his name.
~ Scrabble Profile on Kinglor


Kinglor defeats Hero with the score of 255 against 250 in twelve minutes. He participated in Red versus Blue 2 as the leader of Blue team, but he was lost to Subaru and their team were lost by the same opponent who defeated him.

Kawayan record.
Res. Record Opponent Game Time Date Time PS OS Notes
Loss 1-1 Subaru 14:55 2013-07-12 276 287 Red versus Blue 2 leader.
Win 1-0 Hero 12:00 2013-07-04 255 250 Scrabble Players debut.