Jark is the shark king of Monkayo that he bullies my bestfriend Steve. Steve recognize as the very artistic player.


Letter-J Do not call him a shark because he was being defeated by Computer.
~ Signature Taunt on Jark


Jark defeats Steve with the score of 279 against 270 so that his story never edited. Then Jark was defeated by Edgeworth with the score of 305 against 255 but the story must be edited if he was finally defeated by Steve for a rematch.

Jark record.
Res. Record Opponent Time Date PS OS Notes
Loss 1-2 Edgeworth 09:51 2013-07-17 255 305
Win 1-1 Steve 14:10 2013-07-05 279 270 Rival battle debut.
Loss 0-1 Computer 10:10 2013-07-05 178 349 Scrabble Players debut.