Habeas lives in the happy village of Quezon, Bukidnon and grows in Barangay Santa Filomena. He always reading and memorizes writ of habeas which it was a gift from his favorite parents. He graduates from Bukidnon State University and had the course and hired with a job of an artist (Bachelor of Arts). He is 30 years old while his birth of date is same as Steve's birthday but difference in year.


Letter H Habeas is the artist to draw an art of the reality about Writ of Habeas.
~ Scrabble Profile on Habeas


Habeas defeats Subaru with the scoer of 289 against 243 for forteenth minute then he challenges Jayvees in battle on July 4, 2013 in dawn but he loss, but he finally defeats him in rematch with the score of 236 against 226 exactly fourteen minutes. He make a rematch with Subaru to stop his winning streak but failed because of the administrator, if he wins the game Habeas will banned for one year.

Habeas record.
Res. Record Opponent Time Date PS OS Notes
Loss 2-2 Subaru 15:05 2013-07-21 255 272 Rematch for Record, admin is involved too
Win 2-1 Jayvees 13:00 2013-07-21 236 226 Rematch for Record
Loss 1-1 Jayvees 10:49 2013-07-04 260 261 The first dawn battle.
Win 1-0 Subaru 14:00 2013-06-27 289 248 Scrabble Players debut.