Gassapar is a descendant of the Gaspar family that he is now on the Philippines to work. He loves scrabble and he said to me that he want his first game revealed to be a computer and his second game revealed to be Fidial Font.


Letter G A descendant family of the Gaspar Milazzo that who is the crime-figured. Now, he enters himself as the player-figure.
~ Scrabble Profile on Gassapar


Gassapar making its debut with two loses.

Computer record.
Res. Record Opponent Game Date PS OS Notes
Loss 0-2 Fidial Font 12:36 2013-07-23 241 312 Scrabble players debut vs. Human
Loss 0-1 Computer 06:13 2013-07-23 247 399 Scrabble players debut vs. Computer