Fidial Font is a pilipino-chinese man who lives in Binondo, Manila. The young defense attorney with the Philippines with the favorite catchphrase of "BITCH PLEASE" and his signature move "YAWA KA, DONG" and "YAWA KA BAI". He defeats many of the prosecutor but the most prosecutor who defeats him is revealed to be Jayvees. Now in the ninth series of Puzzle he confirmed as the game's prosecutor as well as on tenth series will be release on PS4 and some consoles on April 10, 2014.


Letter F Scrabble Profile
~ A handful of player he doesn't never lose to someone like a Computer. He is very lucky in most of the games. on Fidial Font


Fidial Font defeats Computer in twenty minutes with the score of 316 against 306, then defeats Bisong on eleven minutes with the score of 319 against 261 and defeats Edmus making his three consecutive undefeated with the score of 285 against 273 via change gameplay on fifteen minutes.

Inasmuch record.
Res. Record Opponent Game Time Date PS OS Notes
Win 3-0 Edmus 2013-07-03 15:00 285 273
Win 2-0 Bisong 2013-06-29 11:00 319 261
Win 1-0 Computer 2013-06-27 20:00 316 306 Scrabble Players debut and the first computer slayer.