Edmus was live good faith in Monkayo and small boy who works hard however he was being bullied. His only friends is Nortis and Adjaua who help him studying until they both have the good job only in Monkayo. Edmus really loves Monkayo and this time he will must meet me until his first win.


Letter E No hands no feet but that was a joke. The people who bullies him is they don't accept lose. He is learned how to be defeated for that reason.
~ Scrabble Profile on Edmus


Edmus was defeated by Fidial Font with the score of 273 against 285 in fifteen minutes.

Edmus record.
Res. Record Opponent Game Time Date PS OS Notes
Draw 0-1-1 Valkyrie 15:00 2013-07-07 338 338 Very first in the main game.
Loss 0-1 Fidial Font 15:00 2013-07-07 273 285 Scrabble Players debut.