Computer is the only AI of the scrabble game starting the third millenium. In year 2010, it was named as Maven as of Hasbro Scrabble. Computer stated to be July 31 for promoting his professional gameplay.


Letter C The only AI who doesn't talk to the persons but it is the creator who made up this mess.
~ Scrabble Profile on Computer


Computer was overcome by Fidial Font and (still looking).

Computer record.
Res. Record Opponent Date PS OS Notes
Subaru 2013-08-01 Promotional to become Expert
Win 4-1 Fiesta 2013-07-28 337 269
Win 3-1 Gassapar 2013-07-23 399 247 Computer double streak bingo.
Win 2-1 Hint 2013-07-17 330 266
Win 1-1 Jark 2013-07-05 349 178
Loss 0-1 Fidial Font 2013-06-27 306 316 Scrabble Players debut and the first computer slayer.