Blue is the veteran player and founder of blue team. He was born and live in Monkayo Town for twenty years. In 2010 he founds Blue Company for making their opportunities to be true. It was the good friend of Jayvees. He is the protagonist of scrabble series.


Letter B Blue leads as the face of scrabble. The enemy of red. Blue tells the truth.
~ Scrabble Profile on Blue


Blue was defeated by Red with the score of 293 against 339 of Game 1 and the score of 296 against 300 of Game 2.

Inasmuch record.
Res. Record Opponent Game Time Date PS OS Notes
Loss 0-2 Red 2013-07-06 30:00 296 300
Loss 0-1 Red 2013-06-29 30:00 293 339 Scrabble Players debut.