Arances was born on Davao City in 1990. He is the friend of Jayvees and Steve. He is fourth year high school in Assumption while since Jayvees is the first year. He said about Jayvees that he was in a good time. He graduated with in MonCast to study driving a car. Arances said that he knows how to ride a motorcycle but he doesn't know how to balance it. Same as Jayvees that he is imbalanced.


64px He is the friend of the Jayvees group. An expert driver and the pirate that he is able to learn astrology.
~ Scrabble Profile on Arances


Arances was defeated by Daarol with the score of 253 against 255 via change play for ten minutes and thirty-four seconds.

Hahsarah record.
Res. Record Opponent Time Date PS OS Notes
Loss 0-1 Daarol 14:20 2013-07-08 253 255 Scrabble Players debut.